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Regulatory Solutions

The Bright Lines Project encourages the IRS to modify its regulations regarding tax exempt political activity so that the rules are clearer.


Understand the tax code and be prepared for new regulations!

Advocating for Better Rules Defining Political Activity For Nonprofits

Johnson Amendment Repeal Threatens the Integrity of Our Charitable and Religious Sectors Among the promises made by Donald Trump during the recent campaign was repeal of the “Johnson Amendment,” the tax law provision that prohibits 501(c)(3) charities, including churches, schools, hospitals and foundations, from supporting or opposing candidates for office. Without this rule, nonpartisan charities and churches would be open to manipulation for political ends.

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Public Citizen Report Shows Johnson Amendment Repeal Backers Have a Strong Interest in Spending Money in Elections. Five groups aiming to knock down the wall between religious institutions and politics have spent $24 million to influence elections since 2006, a new Public Citizen analysis shows. Click here to read the full report