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Trump Vows to Overturn Ban on Political Activity by Churches Gregory Korte, USA Today, Feb. 2, 2017: “'This is a way to convert religious organizations, charities and educational groups into dark money organizations,' said Robert Weissman, president of the left-leaning group Public Citizen. Allowing groups that are exempt from paying taxes to engage in political activity would force the government to subsidize secret money in politics, he said.”

Trump’s Call to Repeal Tax Rule Could Allow Hospitals to Support Candidates. But Would They? Adam Rubenfire, Modern Healthcare Magazine, Feb. 3, 2017: “'From our perspective, 501 (c) (3) (organizations) have spent decades building up the wonderful philanthropy they do and the missions they fulfill, and this is really the last place in our society that is nonpartisan anymore,' said Emily Peterson-Cassin, the project's coordinator. 'Now you're going to introduce the corrosive influence of politics into that and everything that comes with it? It doesn't serve the mission of a 501 (c) (3) to be involved in this.'"


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